Epicure and Culture: Romania and Sour Cream

I was recently asked to contribute a travel and culture-focused food article for an online magazine called Epicure and Culture. It is a fun little piece about my time living in Romania back in college. Because I am a detail-obsessed historian, I couldn’t help but throw in a bit of sour cream science and history and use a recipe from an old cookery book from the 1930’s. The recipes are very simple, and the reason for that is hopefully apparent when you read the article.

So if you would like to learn how to make Romanian-style fried eggs with sour cream (Ochiuri cu Smantana) and a basic green salad with sour cream dressing (Salata Verde cu Smantana), go to Epicure and Culture’s published article called Romanian Recipes: A Story About Food & One Country’s Love Of Sour Cream.

I do not make a living from this blog, but I am apparently so passionate about food history that I will happily spend hours and weeks researching and writing about it with only the hope that it brings as much joy to my readers. That’s you! But the name of the freelancing game is shameless self-promotion and collaborative marketing, so please forgive the occasional post directing you to my work elsewhere.

Thank you!

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