I am a part-time historian, teacher, free-lance writer and musician. I started this blog to present history in an accurate, accessible and interesting way. In bite-sized and/or easily digestible pieces. Let’s call them dollops?

I’ll write about pretty much anything that interests me, but my special area of expertise is medieval food! I teach a community medieval cooking class, so most of my food history posts will have a 13th-15th century focus.

Take a look at the menus to see if any of the topics there pique your interest. If there is something that you’d like me to explore and research, feel free to contact me with requests.

About the Recipes

All of the recipes featured in this blog come directly from manuscripts, old cookbooks and authentic recipe clippings. I follow them exactly and fill in any gaps of knowledge with what I know about history. I do not modernize or change the recipe unless it is absolutely necessary (like using an ingredient substitute), though I will use modern tools and basic appliances. I usually make them solo but on occasion I am joined by my very supportive husband or my younger brothers.

Interpreting and understanding the context of the recipes is only half of the fun.  Food is the closest thing we have to time travel! There’s nothing quite like experiencing ancient dishes and flavors, and food really does teach us a lot about the past and provides just a small snapshot of what daily life was like.

These recipes have been preserved for centuries and thanks to technology and digitization of manuscripts they are now available to everyone, not just historians. You don’t have to be a professional chef or a food historian to make a decent ancient meal, and you don’t even have to do the research because I’ve done it for you!

A Note on the Photography and Copyright

Most of the food photography is done by me or by my much more talented photographer husband (the difference in skill-level is apparent). Please give credit where credit is due, should you choose to use any of my content.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. E Tindall says:

    Are your articles copyrighted or could they be used (assigning proper credit) on a reading assessment?


    1. sannieb says:

      Hi E Tindall! Glad you like my articles. They are copyrighted in the sense that I researched and wrote them specifically for this blog; they belong to me. You are more than welcome to source my articles to your heart’s content, I just ask that you give me the proper credit. Everything I’ve written has been researched heavily so I feel very confident in their accuracy. Do you mind my asking which topic interests you the most?

      Thanks for your support!



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