Roman Stuffed Dates

I was recently commissioned to redact a Roman recipe for Ancient History Magazine by Karwansaray Publishers. The theme of Issue 15 was Love and Sexuality and I chose the deliciously sweet stuffed date!

ah_13 (1)

My stuffed dates recipe came from De re Coquinaria, a collection of 4th century Roman and Greek recipes by the famous foodie Apicius. All you’ll need is dates, nuts, honey, salt and pepper.

To read the recipe and learn about Roman food and the history of the ingredients, you may purchase a hard copy (or PDF) of the magazine here. In this issue you’ll also find a variety of fascinating articles about ancient Rome and Greece, Egypt and others!

If you are debating whether or not the recipe is worth the purchase, take a look at a couple photos of the finished product. Delicious!

DSC_0019 (2)DSC_0046 (1)


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  1. aniiirudhh says:

    This is so good.🔥


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