Fried Pumpkin, 1882

Put those pie pumpkins to good use with this simple 19th-century side dish.

Spiced Fig Tarts (1390)

Tourteletes en Fryture is a medieval English recipe that would make a perfect dessert for your next Christmas party.

New York Gingerbread, 1899

Today’s recipe is an interesting 19th century take on a classic: Gingerbread. Unlike most traditional gingerbread that is dense, dark, and heavy on ginger, this “New York” Gingerbread is soft and fluffy and has subtler flavors. When we think of gingerbread we tend to imagine little crunchy cookies shaped into little men for the Christmas…

BE MINE. Love, Esther Howland

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day existed long before Hallmark and holiday-themed jewelry ads. Valentine greetings were popular even before roses became the “flower of love” or kindergarteners crafted valentine boxes (arguably the best activity in all of K-12). Valentine’s Day goes back to ancient Rome and early Christianity but nobody seems to know exactly…